Dye -PL Beam Application (Photo-rejuvenation)

Dye -PL is a new photo-rejuvenation method that filters a specific wavelength range of light. The collagen and elastin fibers, which are the building blocks of the skin, decrease their tension as a result of deformation. As a result, skin sagging and wrinkles occur. In photo-rejuvenation application with Dye -PL, special filtered ray stimulates collagen and stimulates regeneration and elastin fiber structure renews itself. Thus, the appearance of wrinkled or dangling skin is improved, the skin looks brighter and younger.

It is generally used in all facial regeneration, combined with non-surgical skin stretching methods. Gives skin a radiant & healthy look

How does Photo-Rejuvenation Treatment work?

First of all, if the skin is not maintained for a long time, it is recommended to have a care for moisturizing and cleaning. Afterwards, the application with the special Rejuve device is applied to the hands, décolleté or neck on the whole face or if desired .The session time is 20 minutes for the entire face approach. It can be applied once a month and should be applied between 4-6 sessions according to the needs of the person.