Needle-free Mesotherapy with Reboost

Stress, air pollution, UV rays and unbalanced nutrition all have a negative impact on the skin. As our age progresses, our skin becomes dull, wrinkles begin to appear and the tissue of the skin may become rough and irregular. Appropriate skin care is necessary for healthy and youthful skin because it restores vitality and radiance to the skin.

Alma Lasers' product line, Alma Beauty, developed ALMA BEAUTY REBOOST, an advanced skin regeneration solution for skin care.
ALMA BEAUTY REBOOST uses acoustic oscillation technology to increase the effect on skin care. It affects all of the steps of skin care treatment from cleansing, dermatological serums to skin penetration.

REBOOST applies mechanical pressure by sending acoustic waves to the skin. In this way, by removing dead skin cells and excess sebum skin exfoliates by making a peel and pull effect creates. Acoustic vibrations cause gas bubbles in the skin's barrier or staratumkorneum to rapidly expand and collapse this way. This increases the flowability of lipids in the protective layer and disrupts the lipid bilayer arrangement, creating cleavage and pores between 25 and 75 micrometres in diameter.
Reboost treatment is easy to apply, safe for all skin types and can be applied all year round. Patients do not experience any discomfort or disruption experience, effective and obscure results occur.