Toxin Detox

Toxin Detox - Ionic Foot Detox

Toxin detox application is the process of disposing of the toxins accumulated in the body with natural methods and without side effects. In 2003, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was given to two American scientists, Peter Agre and Roderick MacKinnon, for his discovery of the ionic canal system within the cell membranes. In this ionic duct system, it was seen that the electrical signal allowed certain ions and liquids to pass through the cell membrane.

This practice, which starts with the logic of this ionic channel discovery, enables toxins from the reflex points under the feet. With the removal of toxins in the body after foot detox, many people say that they feel happier, happier and more energetic. The application is implemented by Bentlon's D-Toxer, one of the largest companies in the sector of the Netherlands.

Some of the most obvious indications of the accumulation of toxins in the body show a feeling of extreme fatigue, insomnia, excessive sweating, cramping, nail and hair problems, stress. The benefit of foot detox is the removal of toxins and the balance in our body.