Cellulite Care

Cellulite is the name given to the orange peel of the skin which can be seen in all women who are weak or overweight. Cellulite is caused by the accumulation of lymph fluid between the cells as a result of the slowing of the lymph circulation in our tissues due to any reason.

If people with cellulite regulate their lives in the field of sports and nutrition, cellulite may be reduced but not at the desired level. There are different and effective methods that act on the outside in the war with cellulite. These are special cellulite massage, unipolar and coaxipolar radiofrequency application and vacuum therapy. The combination of these methods in the care of cellulite for an effective result is useful.

Cellulite Degrees

The degree of cellulite should be determined before the treatment to be performed for cellulite removal. When you squeeze your skin with first-degree cellulite, orange peel image appears. The second-degree cellulite is mostly in standing position and when the leg is thrown on the leg, when the cellulite area is tightened, the orange peel image is more dented and prominent. Third-degree cellulite; it has a visible orange peel appearance, even in a horizontal position, it is not necessary to squeeze or squeeze the cellulite.


Cellulite Massage

With this special technique applied by trained people, it is ensured that the lymphatic tissue is recovered by increasing the blood circulation by cellulite.

Vacuum Therapy

Vacuum Therapy is an application that improves cell repair by reducing the pressure of blood and lymph by applying negative pressure (aspiration, vacuum) to the skin and subcutaneous tissues. The principle of operation can be explained as follows: The fibrous bands that are effective in the formation of cellulite are separated from the adherent fat cells by vacuum therapy and thus cellulite is reduced.

Radio Frequency Application

Radiofrequency generated heat is produced in the depths of skin tissue and targets the fat cells and collagen fibres. The result obtained; The skin volume decreases when the skin is stretched. This shapes the skin and a cellulite area is healed.