Essi Franchising

Essi is the largest aesthetic and beauty brand in Turkey. With the wide knowledge and experience, we share our 22 years of experience with our franchisees to decrease the investment risks to a lower level. If you have decidedto operate and survive in this industry and if you don’t want to have any failure, better to prefer to start with the 22 years old know-how and Essi Brand.

Why Beauty and Aesthetic Industry?

Beauty is a concept of women and even men whether they will never give up. Efforts were made to flourish since the beginning of human history to flourish and many drugs that cure or technology has been developed. Beauty sector in the world is developing much more quickly than many other fields. The reason for this is the increasing prosperity in the world.

So, the beauty and care become more daily life routines for many people, comparing to 10 years before. Essi, will attract you with all the support of investment in risk to zero, will ensure your success. Briefly who to choose beauty-aesthetic field with Ess Brandname and knowhow?

Low Investment Cost
Fast Recycle Capital
High Income
Low Risk – Essi

Why Essi Franchising?

Large, well-established and known brand name,
Advantage to open a clinic with 22 year old experience,
Planning and strategy development support,
Saloon design, decoration design,
Beautician and staff support while urgent needs,
Planned periodic inspection and reporting system,
Developed and proven concept,
Effective marketing