Cold Lipolysis

Cold lipolysis allows the cells to be removed from the body by cooling fat cells to a certain degree. Liposuction freezes fat cells without requiring any surgical procedure and causes them to contract and shrink. In this process, the fat cells, known by its biological name “apoptosis”, are destroyed and they cannot develop again. This makes cold lipolysis more preferable than other regional thinning methods.

Cold lipolysis is generally preferred in areas with high fat density. The process that starts in the body after the cold lipolysis procedure is the destruction and removal of the fat from the body. This process lasts for an average of 2-6 months. Even if you see results in 2 months, your body will continue to throw fat cells up to 6 months. The average fat discharge in the region during a session is around 40%.


Your specialist in the cold lipolysis process will attach a special cloth to the area to be applied before connecting the head of the aesthetic device to the desired areas. It then starts the operation after bringing the title of the device here. At first, you feel that the skin with fat is pulled with vacuum and cooled, then your body gets used to it. The process takes 1 hour in one zone.