Skin Care Types

Skin Care

Special Care for Sensitive and Dry Skin

This skincare is applied to moisturize and balance the sensitive and dry skin, improves skin quality, smoothes and balances skin. With the use of hyaluronic acid dermo-cosmetics, it also increases the synthesis of collagen in your skin.

Intensive Skin Care for Oily Skin

This skin care, which prevents the formation of acne by purifying the skin, provides the oil balance of the skin and gives a more matte appearance by taking the oiliness appearance in the skin. This skin care applied to oily and acne prone skin also tightens the pores.

Complex Skincare Intensive Skin Care

Mixed skins are the most difficult to care for. Because the T area is oily while the cheeks are dry. For this reason, these skin care products are used in this region. People who regularly do this skin care, skin tone is balanced, a healthier and equal skin is seen.

Special Care for Acne Skin

Although it is not a big problem, it is a solution to the problems of acne caused by stress and irregular nutrition. After tightening the pores, after the maintenance, both a fresh and vivid skin is seen and acne formation is prevented.

Moisturizing Skin Care

Hyaluronic acid-containing gel, serum and creams are used in this care, helps to regain the glow of the skin. It balances, hydrates and nourishes the skin. Thanks to the deep cleansing made before, a very spacious feeling is observed after skin care.

Tint Opener and Whitening Care

It is special care that has a skin tone and whitening effect. In particular, it helps to correct dark colour changes that occur in the skin and also provides a total whitening of the skin in general. As the skin tone is balanced and the pores are tightened, the radiance of the skin increases.

Anti-Wrinkle Care

According to experts, from the beginning of the age of 30 effects o ageing begins to be seen in our skin. Even those who do not yet have a wrinkle should regularly undergo anti-wrinkle care. It is a rejuvenating anti-ageing treatment that removes the negative effects of the time thanks to argan and hyaluronic acid-containing products. Another important feature of this anti-ageing treatment is that it gives a healthy and radiant appearance after moisturizing the skin.

Peeling Application with Mandelic Acid

Air pollution, stress, unhealthy nutrition, such as the modern age has some negative effects on our skin. Due to such adverse conditions, our skin is worn faster, aging and losing its brightness. However, developing technology is also a solution to this problem. Natural mandelic acid care increases the skin quality by peeling all dead skin and accelerating the formation of new skin.

This method, which is also used in the care of sunspots, freckles and other skin spots, gives more natural and good results on the skin.