Blemish Removal Applications

It is possible to remove blemishes caused by congenital, age or external factors. First of all, it is very important to use sunscreen to protect ourselves from external factors.

Many methods are used to remove formed blemishes. Personalized maintenance protocols are planned according to the time, width, depth and skin type of the spot. This maintenance protocol; serum that contains active substances for blemish removal, micropeel, plasma, mandalic acid peeling, beam therapy, chemical peeling, microdermabrasion and so on. some of the applications are selected. This protocol is applied between 6-12 sessions according to the condition of the blemish.


Before blemish removal maintenance

First of all, skin analysis and blemish analysis are performed at the first interview. The established maintenance protocol can only consist of skin care and microdermabrasion and may include different technologies. The maintenance protocol to be applied is explained in detail.

Blemish removal maintenance protocol

The protocol prepared according to the condition of the skin and the blemish is generally applied between 4-12 sessions. In general, it is painless applications and it is observed that skin spots are reduced in every session.

After blemish removal

It is very important to protect the skin from sunlight, especially after applications. Continuous sunscreen should be used and professional cosmetics with high active ingredients should also be used at home.