Acne Treatment Treatments

The skin with acne problem is more sensitive than normal skin, therefore special care types and acne remedies should be preferred. It is possible to solve the acne problem by using ”anti-acne intensive skin care” and Smart Skin Care methods which are applied to acne skin. In addition to these treatments, it is possible to solve the problem of acne with ”Rejuve radiation therapy”.

In order to control the acne problem, acne remedial treatments are generally used for pH-stabilizing products or AHA (alpha-hydroxyl acid). Especially in the application of the Smart Skin Care, the effect of AHA application with intensive concentration is observed from the first session in acne removal.

The cosmetic products used in acne removal skin are specially designed for acne skin and purifies the skin. Tightens the pores and gives the skin a more matte appearance. It is observed that the acne is reduced and new acne formation is prevented in those who regularly care for this skin.

Another method used in acne removal is Dye-PL Rejuve radiotherapy. In this method, the rays, which target the bacteria that cause acne inflammation, are sent to the skin and this structure forming the acne is dried.