Permanent Makeup

Before The Permanent Make-Up Application

Before the permanent make-up application Free consultation performed. In this interview, the expectations of the person and whether it can be applied are discussed and the decision for the permanent make-up phase is decided.

Permanent Makeup Application

Preparation: Preparation is made just before permanent make-up. If a permanent make-up is to be applied to more than one area on the same day, it starts from the region that the person wants and gives first importance. For example, eyebrow design starts with the nano-hair technique. Eyebrows are removed and the design is done with the erasable pen. The colour to be used at the same time is decided and the pigment is prepared.

Permanent make-up process: Permanent make-up starts with the pigment selected according to the design. Nano-bristle technique makes the application more natural and deep. After the permanent makeup process is completed, a special cream is applied to the application area.

Steps for the eyeliner and lips permanent make-up applications are the same.

After Permanent Makeup Treatment

For the next 2 days after permanent makeup, the application area should not be touched with water. Pool, sauna, bath activities should be avoided. In addition, it should be well protected from the sun and the application area should be constantly moistened. The persistence of permanent make-up depends on the metabolism of the person, the climate he/she experiences and many other factors, it is permanent between 6 months and 2 years.


Permanent make-up, is art of tinting under the skin with the special tools and paints. Permanent make-up applications, also known as micropigmentation and considered as a tattoo form, are a complete time-saver for women because they save you from applying make-up every day.

The most important thing in the permanent make-up method is that the specialist is well-trained and experienced, and the paint used is healthy. Although it is known for its durability for many years, it should not be confused with tatooing. Permanent make-up is used in many fields, some of which are lip-top, eyeliner, permanent eyebrow and hair simulation.

For the permanent makeup we use German Amiea products in all our branches. The quality of organic dye series and permanent make-up devices is very high. At the same time, the needle cartridges used in the process have patented “membrane” technology.