Nail Art - Nail Decoration

Nail decoration is no longer just a service of the beauty industry, but an application that is seen as an art. In addition to nail decoration with nail polish, nail decoration designs can be made with plates, bands and stones.


Permanent nail polish is one of the applications of increasing popularity in the beauty industry. In this application, the nails appear aesthetically pleasing and radiant and lasting for up to 20 days. At the same time, the permanent nail polish acts as a protective over the nail and strengthens the nail by preventing it from peeling. Permanent nail polish has many different color options.

The number of women using permanent nail polish is increasing day by day; because it does not need to be changed daily, it dries very fast, does not scratch, it does not spill and stays bright as it did on the first day. It is very easy to remove and does no harm the nail.


  • Permanent and anti-scratch permanence for 20 days,
  • Easy application,
  • Prevents maintenance-free view,
  • Saves time.