4 Dimensional Slimming

With the change of the concept of beauty, nowadays, excess weight is a serious problem for both men and women. Even if you lose weight, it is not enough to get rid of stubborn fat in the belly or basin area.

At this point, 4-Dimensional Slimming helps and blends different body-shaping technologies to provide the best results. Four different technologies are used in this method, which provides both regional Slimming and attenuation when supported by diet. Unipolar radiofrequency, rhythmic vacuum, cold lipolysis and ultrasound.

This method, which aims to reduce fat cells, makes skin appear tighter. Therefore, there are no problems of sagging after liposuction operations. It is important to remember that the person's age, gender, and skin sagging are also important for the intended outcome.

Houte Couture Slimming, which can be called as 4-Dimensional Slimming is applied by the experts in this field to be applied according to the region and the expectations of the person.