Eyebrow Contour with Nano Bristle Technique

Prior to Permanent Makeup Application With Nano Hair Technique

Free consultation is performed. In this interview, the expectations of the person and whether they can be applied are discussed and the decision is made for the permanent make-up phase.

During The Permanent Make-Up Application With Nano-Bristle Technique

Preparation: : Preparation is made just before permanent make-up. Start with eyebrow design. Eyebrows are removed and the design is done with the erasable pen. The colour to be used at the same time is decided and the pigment is prepared.

Permanent make-up process: Permanent make-up starts with the pigment selected according to the design. Nano-bristle technique makes the application more natural and deep. After the permanent makeup process is completed, a special cream is applied to the application area.

After Permanent Makeup Practice

For the next 2 days after permanent makeup, the application area should be touched with water. Pool, sauna, bath activities should be avoided. In addition, it should be well protected from the sun and the application area should be constantly moistened. The persistence of permanent make-up depends on the metabolism of the person, the climate where he/she lives and many other factors, it is permanent between 6 months and 2 years.