Combined Antiageing Programs

With the effect of gravity and other external factors, wrinkles and sags in our skin begin to be seen from the age of 30 years. If you want to minimize the effects of aging on your skin or reduce ageing indicators such as wrinkles and sagging, you can combine a lot of technology and care to implement a personalized anti-ageing program.

Personalized Youth Rejuvenation Program

First of all, your skin analysis and expectations are discussed in the first interview. Your Antiaging specialist will prepare a package of one or more methods for you based on your skin analysis;

  • Antiaging effective skin care

  • Coaxipolar Radiofrequency Application

  • Facial Ironing

  • Non-surgical Face Lift with Focused Ultrasound

  • Reboost Needle Free Mesotherapy Application

  • Dye-PL Beam Application

  • Toxin Detox

  • Microplasma Renewal Application

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    Some of these technologies give very fast results, while others give more long-term results. This protocol will be determined according to your expectations in your first interview with your specialist. All these applications are successful applications that have proven effectiveness and applied to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.