One session at Focus Ultrasound with Surgical Rejuvenation

One session at Focus Ultrasound with surgical rejuvenation

Another name for this new method does not require surgical intervention operation at Queen Therapy.

The great feature of this treatment is that it takes the skin back in 10-20 years without pain. Focus ultrasound method can be applied in men and women with. A tighter and younger skin rejuvenation adventure takes place in just one hour.

Queen What is Therapy?

Non-surgical face lift called Queen Therapy, it is possible to prevent the damage caused by time and gravity on our skin. Queen Therapy uses the technology of ultrasound by creating hot spots in the lower layers of the skin. So that the skin begins to produce its own collagen to reproduce the skin that was damaged by controlled ultrasound. The skin starts to show " tightening " and " lifting " effect after the treatment.

This reliable technology is very effective at treating loose and sagging skin, low eyebrow structure, excess fat and sagging skin at neck problems.